Shin-en (EP)


My brandnew EP " Shin-en EP " was completed.

Shin-en  / Chiquewa
1. Shin-en (Abyss) featuring Luka Megurine
2. Kekkai (The area) featuring Luka Megurine
3. Tou-Sui  (Euphoria) featuring Luka Megurine

All songs were sung by Luka Megurine. This will be treasure for fans of Luka.
Sound is Electronica and R&B. Very synthesized!

This EP has 3 songs (contains 2 new songs) that expresses the perverted appearance of love.

Date of sale is undecided. I will notice to you in a few days.

And, I could made audio sample.
If you listen this, you will be able to understand the EP in ONE minute.

Please Check it.