Nakigao (crying face)


I uploaded a new song.


[NicoNico Douga]


Nakigao powered by PIAPRO

I was going to make this song when Megurine Luka V4x has been released.

But, I couldn't wait for release. And I made this song using Luka v2.

Still Luka is good. Marvelous. Isn't it?

This time, I also played the bass guitar. 6-strings...my finger is painfully.

This cute illust is drawn by HECHI-san (from PIAPRO).
Thanks a lot !

Drums was played by my buddy, Pandacchi.

She is good at playing the 16th-swing beat and She played this song 2 times.


Please check it !

Off vocal track is there on the tab of "karaoke". Or on PIAPRO.
Sing along!