Hide and seek


I did uploaded a new movie last week.


[NicoNico Douga]

I made this song that was arranged gorgeous orchestra, for the Pandacchi's new album " Panda Daisakusen ".
You know, This song was inspired from old spy movies like " 007 ".

The important thing of this video is cute illutration and animation.

I requested the illustration to Chii of 0108 -OTOYA-.
She had drew this wonderful illust based on clumsy storyboard that was drew by me.

Thanks Chii ! And thank you very much !

And, This story is..


One night, The bullet has been shooted to Spy-Panda when he was relaxing while eating bamboo !

Spy-Panda rushed out to the street with gun. And, He had found the back of the Shirokuma-Dan (Polar bear gang) that had just tried to escape.
He had started to chase soon. But the Shirokuma-Dan had been run away.

Spy-Panda found the bag that was dropped by Shirokuma. And he looked inside... Coffee beans!


Spy-Panda noticed.

"Coffee beans = Brazil !"

Immediately, He headed straight to Brazil by airplane.

When he arrived in Brazil, He had known that his intuition was bingo.
Also, Shirokuma-Dan had already stayed in Brazil !

But, It was difficult to chase because they were in disguise.

" Okay, You want to hide-and-seek with me. "

This is so advantageous situation for Spy-Panda who is elite agent of the Panda-Boshi (Planet of Panda).

Chase them ! Until Hell !


You could try to watch this video !