New album "Sudare" release date


It's been such a long time...

I will sell the new album that sold at the previous "Vomas".

Chiquewa's new album "Sudare"

will be released from

24th, November, 2016

on iTunes Store , AmazonMP3 etc...
price: album 5.99USD /song 0.99USD (@"iTunes Store")

This album will sell on these site

This will be released from same date on streaming service! ("Apple Music"etc)

If you want to know detail of this album, See this site...
"Sudare" special site and Endlish introduction page

You can try to listen a part (about one minute) of songs on "iTunes" and other site.

This album is a self-confident work that Chiquewa spent one year's time and completed the collective power of "Sasakama Studio".

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"Cankiri" on iTunes, release date


Chiquewa's new album "Cankiri "
will release from
25th, November
on iTunes , AmazonMP3 etc...
(price : 5.99USD)

This album will sell on these site..

If you want to know detail of this album, you see this site..
"Cankiri" special site or Blog entry (Japanese)

Happily, This CD was sold out on the event of "VocaloidMaster33 @Tokyo"!

You can listen a part (about a minute) of songs on the album, on iTunes and other site.

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Sougen-kyou EP Released


My new EP (contains 1 new song) has been started to sell at iTunes Store from today.

rereased date:15/7/2015 price:1.98USD (iTunes Store
(C)2015 Chiquewa / CFM inc. 

【song list】
1. Sougen-Kyou feat. Luka Megurine V4x
2. I Wanted To Be Smile feat. Luka Megurine V4x

song, words, arr., gt, ba, prog. : Chiquewa
ds and per : Pandacchi
mix and mastering : Chiquewa
art design : Sasakama Studio

iTunes Store , AmazonMP3 , Mora etc..

This EP contains 1 brandnew original song !

Please Check it!



Twilight is the color of love.


I'm Sorry. I had forgotten the existence of this blog, perfectly...

I uploaded a new song.




たそがれの色は恋の色 powered by PIAPRO

This time, I challenged the new style .. Japanese old-fashioned pop music that called "歌謡曲 (KAYOU-KYOKU)", with georgious orchestra.

Luka V4 in 80s (C)Chii
KAYOU-KYOKU was popular in 1970-80's Japan.
In many cases, Teen idol-singer was singing on a TV show, with full structure orchestral band (called "Full-Band" in Japan).

I loved this style of music. And even now.

This cute and 80's feel illustration is drawn by Chii -san ("0108 -OTOYA-").
And, Drums was played by my buddy, Pandacchi.
Thank you.

Please, check it!



Nakigao (crying face)


I uploaded a new song.


[NicoNico Douga]


Nakigao powered by PIAPRO

I was going to make this song when Megurine Luka V4x has been released.

But, I couldn't wait for release. And I made this song using Luka v2.

Still Luka is good. Marvelous. Isn't it?

This time, I also played the bass guitar. 6-strings...my finger is painfully.

This cute illust is drawn by HECHI-san (from PIAPRO).
Thanks a lot !

Drums was played by my buddy, Pandacchi.

She is good at playing the 16th-swing beat and She played this song 2 times.


Please check it !

Off vocal track is there on the tab of "karaoke". Or on PIAPRO.
Sing along!



Shin-en (EP) Release date


My new EP " Shin-en " will be released on iTunes at 23rd January.

Shin-en (EP) - Chiquewa
1. Shin-En (The Abyss) featuring Luka Megurine
2. Kekkei (The Area) featuring Luka Megurine
3. Tousui (Euphoria) featuring Luke Megurine

[audio sample]

All songs are electro and R&B. And I made adult-like sound for Luka.

Track 1 " Shin-en " is already posted to NicoNico Douga and Youtube. But other 2 songs (track 2 and 3) are completely new track.

Please check it !



Shin-en (EP)


My brandnew EP " Shin-en EP " was completed.

Shin-en  / Chiquewa
1. Shin-en (Abyss) featuring Luka Megurine
2. Kekkai (The area) featuring Luka Megurine
3. Tou-Sui  (Euphoria) featuring Luka Megurine

All songs were sung by Luka Megurine. This will be treasure for fans of Luka.
Sound is Electronica and R&B. Very synthesized!

This EP has 3 songs (contains 2 new songs) that expresses the perverted appearance of love.

Date of sale is undecided. I will notice to you in a few days.

And, I could made audio sample.
If you listen this, you will be able to understand the EP in ONE minute.

Please Check it.